HCHC Missions Week

This week is our annual HCHC Missions Week. Our school has been celebrating this week for decades as a way to remind our community of the central importance of the spirit of missions in our faith. Over the past 17 years that our Missions Institute has brought onto campus some of the most dynamic cross-cultural missionaries from around the world introducing us to the work of the church in various parts of the globe. One of the ways we will be reminded of this universal spirit of the church is by having some of our international students offer prayers and read the psalms in various languages in the chapel.
This year, for only the second time, instead of focusing on cross-cultural work around the world, we will focus on the United States as a mission field. Back in 2015, the Missions Institute organized a conference “Speaking to Secular America.” (You can watch the eight talks given at this conference here – https://missions.hchc.edu/video/ ) This year, we bring onto campus Steve Christoforou, the archdiocesan director of Y2AM, to help us see the millennial and gen z group of people in America as a unique mission field. How do we present the Gospel to a generation of people who have turned away or seem very uninterested in Jesus Christ and His Good News. 
Please review the attached flyer for a list of complete events.