MCC Hellenic Student Glendi

Maliotis Cultural Center organized a completely free, outdoor glendi for Greek and Philhellenic university and graduate students in the Boston area on October 23, 2021. The Glendi featured traditional and modern Greek music, Greek dancing from different regions in Greece, delicious souvlakia, galaktobouriko, spanakopita, Greek salad, meatballs, pizza, and rice pudding, as well as roasted lamb on a spit. 

More than two hundred students from HCHC, Harvard, Northeastern, Boston University, and Boston College, Tufts, and Bentley, as well as other schools, flooded the courtyard of the Center, which was decorated with Greek flags, candlelight, and scenes from Greece, and also featured blue and white picnic blankets on the hill. The students participated in the event with fun and enthusiasm, held hands to dance traditional dances, and enjoyed the beauty of the Greek company. 

The first event of this kind, the Glendi was wildly popular and allowed students from all over Boston and surrounding communities to connect. 

It should be noted that in all the areas of Maliotis measures for the protection against the coronavirus were observed.