Tours of the Good Shepherds Exhibit

On Sunday, April 10, HCHC Classics student and MCC docent of the “Good Shepherds: Metropolitans and Chief Rabbis in the Face of Holocaust” Cameron (Aleko) Hershey gave a private tour to a local Greek-Jewish family who were interested in the Good Shepherds exhibit. Cameron and three other budding young historians were trained by Dr. Nicholas Ganson, Assistant Professor of History at Hellenic College and the Co-director of the Literature and History Program, who serves as an advisor to first-year students and teaches core and elective courses in European and world history, as well as courses in religious, intellectual, and environmental history. Ganson is also the Assistant Professor of History and Director of the New York Life Insurance Company Center for the Study of Hellenism in Pontus and Asia Minor.

The 3 Good Shepherds docents were trained by Dr. Ganson and conducted original research on the persecution of Greek Jews by the Nazis during WWII and are available to lead group and private tours of the Good Shepherds tour at MCC now through midsummer. Tours can be arranged by emailing maliotis@hchc.edu